Welcome Dental Professionals!

This website has been posted for the benefit of the dental professional to assist practitioners to better understand and treat periodontal disease. By using an easy to understand periodontal scoring system, entitled the Periodontal Summary Score, dental professionals may more readily determine how a patient’s periodontal condition is progressing and when changes to the treatment plan are necessary.

This website includes an educational training program which outlines the use of the Periodontal Summary Score and its benefits in understanding how a periodontal condition is faring over a period of time. By assessing changes in the score, the practitioner can make appropriate adjustments to the treatment regimen where necessary.

We welcome you to take a short period of time to review the educational materials posted on the website and then take our 3-minute quiz to ensure your understanding of the scoring system. We hope that this material will have a great impact in the quality of periodontal care that you provide to your patients!

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